Move fast!

Source:  SmartBlog on Education in partnership with GreyED Solutions.

With the emergence of the web as a platform where knowledge is free, it has never been more crucial get students in a connected learning space where children are motivated with inquiry and discovery. In education, it is easy to get bogged down in the bureaucracy of decision making.

I’m not saying that doing your research isn’t important, but it is our responsibility to the populations we serve to identify needs, construct solutions, and deploy systems rapidly. Access and bandwidth are the tools for relative learning now and we have to provide growth plans for both quickly and then continue to improve the infrastructure over time. If we hesitate, our kids lose. Move fast!

Rich Kiker is the director of online learning at Palisades School District in Pennsylvania. Kiker, a Google Education Trainer, specializes in online and blended learning and was recognized as the Outstanding Contributor to Blended and Online Learning with He has been awarded the “20 to Watch” award by the National School Board Association and has served in many roles that combine his expertise in both technology and education including Classrooms for the Future Coach, eLearning Architect, and Creative Design Consultant.