About Us

GreyEd_AboutUSTechnology is transforming teaching and learning. Yet, schools still face big challenges when it comes to selecting, implementing and using technology effectively. According to recent survey conducted by Samsung Electronics America and GfK, 90 percent of teachers believe that technology in the classroom is important to student success yet 60 percent of teachers feel they are inadequately prepared to use technology in classrooms.

GreyED Solutions’ mission is to help schools more effectively implement technology and guide edtech businesses in the development of technology products that truly deliver value to educators and students.

GreyED Solutions is a small group of innovative and dedicated leaders who understand education technology as both end users and as developers. Our collective experience in education technology ranges from industry insight, instruction, infrastructure, organizational change, professional development, and strategic planning. We are instructors at heart, technologists by trade and leaders by design.

While we know firsthand how schools, districts and businesses operate, we also acknowledge that every school and organization has its own unique culture and fingerprint. GreyED Solutions seeks to understand your environment and your needs through careful analysis of people, processes and technology. We believe that the success of products, programs and implementations are driven by a personalized approach to embracing the individual needs of stakeholders. We want to understand the DNA of your organization, learn what makes you unique, and tailor strategies for your success.

Whether you are planning to launch a 1:1 program, write a technology plan, delve into blended learning, flip your classrooms, or need to integrate technology more fully, GreyEd can help. EXPLORE OUR SERVICES FOR EDUCATORS, SCHOOLS & DISTRICTS.

GreyEd can help you understand the needs of students, teachers, administrators, and even parents so you can develop truly transformative products. EXPLORE OUR SERVICES FOR EDTECH BUSINESSES.