Technology Assessment & Planning

Undoubtedly, your district is already using countless technology tools to facilitate teaching and learning. But are these tools effective? Are they really delivering the value they should? Are district staff adequately trained to use these tools? What gaps continue to exist? How can limited technology budgets and resources be used to maximum benefit? Those are the types of questions that a Technology Assessment will answer.

The GreyED Solutions team will systematically review your district’s technology practices, processes, and systems to determine your needs and priorities. A Technology Assessment is an important first step in order for a sustainable Technology Plan to be developed.

An effective Technology Plan is based on the shared vision of educators, parents and community members. It outlines the goals for technology use and specifies how the technology will be paid for and implemented. Another key component is the establishment of milestones to ensure your Technology Plan stays on track.

The GreyED Solutions team has first-hand experience with educational Technology Assessment and Planning. We use our in-depth process to get to know your district’s ecosystem and stakeholders and create a Technology Plan the ensures technology is being used effectively to deepen students’ understanding and advance their knowledge.

For more information about Grey ED Solutions’ Technology Assessment & Planning services, please contact us. We’ll be happy to talk about your situation and how we can help.

GreyED Solutions can also help you implement your Technology Plan. Learn more about our Technology Implementation services.