Pilot Programs

GreyED Solutions takes great care in understanding the needs and pain points of both providers and districts leaders when it comes to matching “the right” digital tool with “the right” K12 organization. We recognize that entering the K12 market for providers can be perplexing in terms of defining acronyms, benchmarks, assessments, funding buckets, processes, and procurement cycles.

GreyED Solutions translates, navigates and takes on all the heavy lifting for organizations looking to engage in Pilot Programs with K12 entities and make an impact in this sector.

On the flip side, the current $9 billion ed-tech market is an ever-changing labyrinth of products. Overextended K12 leaders have no time to discover, assess, adopt, and integrate a handful of tools that truly support goals in teaching and learning.

Case in point: a recent study by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, found that the 3,100 teachers surveyed use a total of 964 unique student-facing digital products. And yet just more than half said the products that students use are actually effective.

GreyED Solutions supports our K12 network by identifying and vetting potential technology that can positively impact teaching and learning. We then partner with K12 champions to plan and oversee internal Pilot Programs.

Solution providers look to us as a trusted liaison, identifying and conducting quality pilot programs with K12 entities. As decision-makers once responsible for coordinating, overseeing and evaluating pilots, we know how pivotal it is to design pilot programming using best practices that are:

  • Replicable 

  • Scalable 

  • Reliable 

We define a pilot as: A multi-week trial that supports educator and learner exploration and use of technology. The trial is focused on determining the capability of the technology to effectively support educator objectives and student learning outcomes.

GreyED Solutions’ Pilot methodology ensures that both parties mutually benefit from the experience, creating a symbiotic relationship that is carefully transitioned over time between the two primary parties. 

Ensure the successful implementation of your organization’s technology products with Pilot Programs designed and managed by GreyED Solutions. Get in touch to get started!