GreyED Solutions, in partnership with iPadpalooza launch “Pre-Palooza”

Source: District Administration

Feedback Forums offered by GreyED Solutions offer iPadpalooza participants yet another unique, innovative learning opportunity at summer festival

 Now more than ever it is imperative that vendors are creating and designing solutions that improve and adapt to teaching and learning practices, not the other way around.  GreyED Solutions is thrilled to announce their partnership with iPadpalooza, to offer a full day of feedback forums on “Pre-Palooza”.  The event will take place prior to the start of iPadpalooza on June 22nd.

“iPadpalooza brings together unique learning opportunities for everyone in education and is really centered around giving educators a voice,” said Carl Hooker, founder of iPadpalooza. “Partnering with GreyED Solutions to bring this “Pre-Palooza” feedback forum is another step in the evolution of what this learning festival is all about.  It’s an opportunity for leaders to make their voices heard and provide feedback to a variety of companies involved in education.  We’re excited to add this new feature to our already highly interactive event.”

Through their Feedback Forums at Pre-Palooza, GreyED Solutions leadership; Dr. Julie Carter and Rob Dickson, bring their expertise in providing an innovative, productive environment for administrators and vendors to interact, allowing companies invaluable insight into how to shape their products to improve teaching and learning. Each participating company will have the chance to sit down with and receive feedback from forward-thinking education decision makers from all over Texas on how their products could better serve educators and students alike.

“We applaud all the hard work and effort put forth by Mr. Hooker and his team to make iPadpalooza such a valuable event to the education community, we look forward to contributing to its success in June,” stated GreyED Solutions CEO, Dr. Julie Carter. “In today’s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever for companies to gain insight in to what is actually happening within schools and districts, that insight will allow them to develop better, more effective tools that adapt to teaching and learning.”

Drawing from years of experience in technology and administration, GreyED Solutions’ industry expertise provides districts nationwide with technology implementation solutions, designed to empower today’s learners. Through their personalized LEARNing (Listen Engage Analyze Recommend Next Steps) process, GreyED Solutions helps schools and districts achieve their technology goals. By gathering leading national educators and administrators together for Feedback Forums, GreyED Solutions also aims to help organizations within the EdTech industry develop and refine their products and services based on current market needs.

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About GreyED Solutions:

GreyED Solutions believes every school and organization has its own unique culture and fingerprint. We seek to understand your environment and your needs through careful analysis of people, processes and technology. We believe that the success of products, programs and implementations are driven by a personalized approach to embracing the individual needs of stakeholders. Instructors at heart, and technologists by trade, we at GreyED Solutions work from your level. We recognize that not every district or company possesses equal amounts of technology experience, maturity or leadership, and we design commensurate solutions suitable to your unique needs.