Use twitter to share great moments of learning

Source: SmartBrief EdTech in partnership with GreyED Solutions

We’ve all been there. You have a few minutes left until lunch and instruct your students to quietly read or work on homework until the bell rings. It never fails—that’s when when your principal shows up to do his daily walk-through. Where was he earlier when your students were working collaboratively on an integrated science – language arts PBL project? How can you share these great moments of student learning with your principal, parents and the school community as they’re happening?

Create a class Twitter account and hashtag and let students share what’s going on in the classroom with their parents, grandparents and other community members. Or use it as a curriculum tool. Students can post their book reviews, crowdsource information to answer probability questions, study culture and geography, chat with an author or debate world events. The possibilities are endless and they can all help broadcast the terrific things happening in your classroom.

Karen Larson is an academic technology specialist for the Santa Clara County (CA) Office of Education, working with teachers supporting the integration of technology in their classrooms. Previously Karen served as an educator and administrator in elementary education. She sits on the Board of Directors of Silicon Valley Computer Using Educators, a professional developer for Leading Edge Certification and certified educator with Common Sense Media. Connect with Karen at online, via email or follow her on Twitter at@Karen_Larson.