Enhance learning with Nearpod virtual field trips

Source: SmartBrief on Education in partnership with GreyED

As a science teacher, I always wanted to be just like Ms. Frizzle and take my students all over the world for a daily lesson. Nearpod gives my students that opportunity. With Nearpod’s Virtual Field Trip feature, students can travel all over the world – the Great Wall of China or the Palace of Versailles, to name a few – right from their seats.

Nearpod allows teachers to upload their presentation and then add activities or content to complement the learning experience in the classroom. Teachers can add questions throughout the presentation for real-time monitoring. The feature lets teachers quickly identify students’ misconceptions as well. Nearpod offers web content in which teachers can add online simulations or videos to help enhance the content and reinforce the lesson.

Nearpod ensures students move through a lesson at the teacher’s pace. By the end of the lesson, the teacher can print reports to analyze student data. Consider using Nearpod Virtual Field Trips to engage students in your next lesson.

Joanna Beck is a science teacher at Burney-Harris-Lyons Middle School in the Clarke County School District in Georgia. She is described as a “solution seeker” by her superintendent, and she believes technology can help level the playing field for all learners. She empowers students by encouraging them to take ownership of their learning when using digital tools.