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JourneyED Midwest


JourneyED Midwest is a free one-day conference, that will bring together the EdTech community to hear first-hand experiences from educators about how technology is reshaping their classrooms and the education ecosystem in the K12 space. We will focus on how ‘return on learning’ technologies are enriching educators ability to transfer knowledge to their students and enabling them to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Innovation for Diverse 21st Century Learning Environments

Omaha Public Schools, under Executive Director of IMS Rob Dickson, strengthens innovation through technology integration to serve 52,000 diverse students and improve learning. The district’s new strategic plan places an emphasis on the “why” to make purposeful decisions regarding needs assessments and classroom 21st century skills to focus on what is best for the student and bring real change.

This webinar walks attendees through key components of the plan and shares best practices for other schools embarking on similar journeys. Key areas addressed include:

• How technology-based solutions evolved to support a data-driven approach to professional learning and delivered school learning improvements.
• How Microsoft Innovative Educators throughout the district can serve as a pipeline for professional learning to support adoption of tools that enhance collaboration, communication, efficiency, and innovative classroom instruction.
• Advancing the use of blended-learning environments and enabling educational opportunities through new devices including Surface Pro for students and staff.